(FR) SWINGiT The accessory for VR golf games

An accessory dedicated to virtual reality golf games. Useful for enhancing immersion in Walkabout Minigolf or Golf 5 eClub. Compatible with Quest 2, Pico 4, PSVR 2 and most PCVR headsets.

Tutorial: from Right to Left-handed Starter

This video shows you how to switch hand laterality on your Starter VR short gunstock.

Tutorial: From fastened to magnetic cup

This video shows you how to upgrade from fixed to magnetic cups to hold your controllers

New product: SWINGiT Golf Edition

Explore the potential of this new accessory, enabling golfers to step into a virtual realm and swing their way to victory.

Tutorial: Mounting MagCup for PSVR2

This video shows you how to put your PSVR2 MagCup ON and OFF your Sense controller.

Tutorial: ProStraps for Pico 4 Mounting

This video shows you how to mount your ProStraps adjustable grips for Pico Neo 4 (with and without magnetic cups)

New haptic compatibility: Ghosts of Tabor

We are exited to announce the compatibility between Ghost of Tabor and ProTubeVR's ForceTube technology. Now, you can use the ForceTube gunstock and/or the ProVolver in your Meta Quest game, or on SteamVR without using the Companion App.

Happy pet day!

Pets are a big deal to us since we have Igor as the official ProTubeVR mascot, and several ProTubeVR team members share the life of their adorable furry/feathered/scaled friends.

New haptic compatibility with mods

Awesome modders bring new haptic integrations in these no-less great games: After the Fall, Duck Season, The Light Brigade, Metal Hellsinger.

Cowboy Bebop 25th Anniversary

Thank you Studio Sunrise for this awesome anime, Cowboy Bebop, first aired 1998/04/03. For this, here is a promo code, until April 5th, 10% off for ProVolver and ProTas: SPACECOWBOY  

GDC 2023: Game Developers Conference

We will be present at GDC 2023, San Francisco, from Monday March 20th to Friday March 24th. Our stand will be at the French Pavilion. An excellent opportunity to network, initiate and/or materialize future partnerships, with game studios or other manufacturers. 

LASTCHANCE promo code before price increase

You have until 2023/04/02 to use the promo code LASTCHANCE: 10% off on all our products.

PSVR2 pre-orders are now open

The design of the cups is almost finished, the prototypes are printed. Now we are testing to ensure the quality level by stress testing them for heavy use. 

Controller mountS for Meta Quest Pro and Pico4 are now available, PSVR2 in development

You asked for them, they are here! Check the cups spare parts if you just need to replace your previous cups. 

Pistol Whip PCVR Haptic Integration Mod

For Pistol Whip PCVR, a new mod is available to speed up the configuration of our haptic device and the game.

CES 2023

ProTubeVR was present at CES 2023. It was a great opportunity to discuss technological and business partnerships. 

FINALLY an all in one pistol and two handed haptic feedback stock for VR in 2023!

The Protube ProVolver is finally in my hands and its even better than you think for one reason only, its not the haptic feedback or the realism, its what it can do for your gameplay when used as a two handed gunstock PLUS the little trick ill show you in this video to change it into something truly special!

Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday is already here. 10% off on Haptic products, any option selected. 30% on selected products, if you choose a carbon option (same as Carbon Friday).

ProtubeVR sent me Magtube and it's revolutionary, the best gunstock for Quest 2 ever

If you love #milsim in #VR and are looking for an immersive experience using an excellent gunstock for Quest 2, #ProtubeVR has the right tool to transform you into a sharpshooter,

Carbon Is The New Black (Friday)

Black Friday sales.  For us, it's Carbon Friday.  On the selected products, take 1 (or 2) carbon option and receive 30% off on the whole product.