New haptic compatibility: Ghosts of Tabor

We are exited to announce the compatibility between Ghost of Tabor and ProTubeVR's ForceTube technology. Now, you can use the ForceTube gunstock and/or the ProVolver in your Meta Quest game, or on SteamVR without using the Companion App.

New haptic compatibility with mods

Awesome modders bring new haptic integrations in these no-less great games: After the Fall, Duck Season, The Light Brigade, Metal Hellsinger.

Pistol Whip PCVR Haptic Integration Mod

For Pistol Whip PCVR, a new mod is available to speed up the configuration of our haptic device and the game.

New haptic compatibility: Larcenauts

We are excited to announce the compatibility between Larcenauts and ProTubeVR's ForceTube technology. Participate in intense action match with the ForceTube gun stock or the ProVolver pistol. 

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