Pistol Whip PCVR Haptic Integration Mod

A devoted and talented modder, Florian, has created a mod to simulate the native integration of our haptic devices in the game Pistol Whip for PCVR.

Easy to install, this mod allows you to play to Pistol Whip with our haptic devices (Provolver in particular) without our Companion App. It reduces the number of steps required to setup the game. Start your game, your Provolver, and you're ready to go.

Find all the information about Florian's mod on Nexusmods

You can even handle two weapons, like an Akimbo professional! 

The last but not the least, Florian has also developed similar mods for Bonelab, Arizona SunshineZombieland VR: Headshot Fever, Vertigo, Audica, and The Living Remain. We'll make announcement for each of these once we've tried it ourselves. Hours of fun on the horizon, captain!