Qui sommes nous ?

ProTubeVR is a start-up officially born in January 2018, but all the R&D phase started in 2016. It designs, produces, and distributes VR peripherals all over the world. Our goal is simple, improving your immersion feeling.

Our passion began with the Oculus DK2 release and the day we discovered the VR FPS. We were like real kids, especially for "competitive" or "realistic" ones as Onward, H3VR, Battle Dome, or Art of fight. But in fact, we weren’t 100% conquered and thought that was possible to increase the immersion feeling of this new gaming way.

One day, we realized that we definitely missed something each time we would like to pick up a rifle. That’s how everything began and start growing in our minds. From this moment we started thinking, developing, designing and working on a new project day and night, firstly in our bedrooms to imagine the beginnings of your actual ProTubeVR.

Un jour, nous avons réalisé qu'il manquait quelque chose chaque fois que nous prenions un fusil virtuel. C'est de cela que tout est parti et que des idées ont commencée à germer. A partir de ce moment, nous avons réfléchis, développé, designé, et travaillé sur un nouveau projet, nuit et jour (pour de vrai) dans nos salons.

A présent, ce projet est devenu l'entreprise ProTubeVR.

Our values

Protubevr blue print

Function > look

We are engineers and gamers. We prioritise the user's use, comfort and immersion.

Moreover, the player does not see his accessory when he uses it. To preserve the tracking between the controllers and the headset, we have chosen to have purely functional products, without superfluous decorations that are detrimental to the gaming experience.

More and more

Thanks to the support of gamers, we can work on projects that push the possibilities of VR even further.

We seek to respond to new uses, to improve comfort, but also to increase immersion tenfold thanks to our haptic products.

romain playing prototype
igor with 3D printers


Igor is love.

Igor is life.

Notre histoire

March :

  • Haptic compatibility for Quest : Sweet Surrender, Clay Hunt
  • Haptic compatibility for PCVR : Sweet Surrender


  • Haptic compatibility for Quest : Sweet Surrender, Clay Hunt
  • Haptic compatibility for PCVR : Sweet Surrender


  • Haptic compatibility for Quest : Aim XR



  • Haptic compatibility for Quest and PCVR : AB Aeterno



  • Haptic compatibility for Quest and PCVR : Sniper Elite VR, Ark Ade, Cactus Cowboy 3 Fully Loaded



  • Haptic compatibility for Quest and PCVR : Crisis Vrigade 2



  • Haptic compatibility for Quest : DOOM3QUEST
  • Haptic compatibility for PCVR : Vail VR

February :

Haptic compatibility for PCVR : Gun Club VR


April :

Haptic compatibility for PCVR : Virtual Battlegrounds


May :

Haptic compatibility for PCVR : Pavlov


July :

Haptic compatibility for PCVR : Honor & Duty


September :

Haptic compatibility for Quest : Onward


November :

Haptic compatibility for Quest : Contractors


Patent application for the MagTube magnetic attachment

Kickstarter funding campaign for ForceTube, a force feedback gunstock

Haptic compatibility for PCVR: Contractors






Oculus Connect 6



Paris Game Week


Japan Expo Marseille

Product release : MagTube Gunstock



Japan Expo Paris



Occulus Connect 5

VR league partnership for Onward VR international competition



Paris Games Week



Patent application for the force feedback module

July :

Japan Expo Paris


October :

Paris Games Week


December :

Integration of "La Coque", innovation and demonstration centre

January :

First prototype of the ProTube, first generation gunstock with steady cups.


March :

Integration of "Provence Création d'Entreprise" (PCE), a business incubator


June :

Partnership with one of the VR Master league competitions


December :

Partnership with one of the VR Master league competitions

Équipe dirigeante




Tech Lead

Romain Chief executive officer
Gauthier chief administrative officer



Directeur Général

Responsable administratif



Responsable de la production

Développeur électronique

JC CPO Chief production officer


Les 3 gars du dessus ne sont pas seuls. Nous sommes ici, aussi !

Comme ils aiment les véhicules motorisés, faisons une analogie : tous les membres de ProTubeVR sont des parties d'une voiture. Au début, elle était faite de bric et de broc, avec des clignotants manquants et des warnings allumés. Avec le temps, l'expérience et les retours continus, cette voiture s'est transformée en une machine robuste et infatigable. Elle avale les kilomètres et s'adapte à toutes les situations.

Maintenant, la voiture se dirige vers l'horizon, consciente de ce qui l'entoure et prête à manœuvrer pour atteindre ses objectifs. Être une voiture élégante, c'est possible, mais pour nous, la priorité est d'embarquer tout le monde.

protubevr team

Ils nous accompagnent

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