Native compatibilities

We work with VR studios to integrate our force feedback modules (ForceTube, Provolver) directly into the games.

This collaboration allows :

  • a "plug and play" solution
  • greater precision with the weapons feedback,
  • customization of the experience,
  • the use of the haptic module with Oculus Store's games,

The list of natively compatible games below is constantly evolving.

PCVR retrocompatibility

For the games without native compatibility, we made a "Companion App", synchronizing your computer and the feedback module.

When used with PCVR/SteamVR games, this application will recognize the signals sent by the games to the headset, and activate the haptic module accordingly.

Note : there is no data collected and no impact on the PC or Headset performance. Find all information are available on our GitHub (opens the page in a new tab).

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