ProTas joystick

Building a VR sim chair to track targets better than I ever could with TrackIR

A quick video how I built myself a rotating VR simpit chair on a limited budget, increased my win ratio, protected my neck in VR and finally maged to boom&zoom.

The Best VR Flight Controls? Unboxing the ProTubeVR ProTas

Unboxing and taking a look at ProTubeVR's ProTas snap-in HOTAS system for motion controllers. Could this be the best way to fly in VR? Compatible with most headsets including PSVR2, Meta Quest 2, Meta Quest 3, PICO and more!

(IT) Recensione ProTubeVR ProTas Base

(IT) Recensione ProTubeVR ProTas Base

L’arrivo di Star Wars Squadrons e Microsoft Flight Simulator, oltre a titoli più casual specifici per Quest, come Ultrawings, ha riportato in auge il settore dei simulatori di volo anche nel mondo della VR, con sempre più utenti che restano ammaliati dalle potenzialità della VR.

(FR) TEST PROTAS : transformez n'importe quel contrôleur VR en JOYSTICK VR !

Pour le test du jour, on teste un accessoire bien sympa qui nous vient de chez la société Protube. Ce petit Protas a pour objectif de transformer n'importe lequel de vos contrôleurs VR en Joystick Hotas. Verdict !

ProTasVR Testing with Oculus Quest | End Space

Welcome to Gamertag VR! today were checking out the ProTas VR flight stick and some addons from ProtubeVR on Oculus Quest.

ProTasVR Review

ProTasVR Review

The team over at ProTube made a massive improvement to the immersion in shooters with the release of their ProTubeVR peripheral. Now the team have released the ProTasVR to bring a more cost-effective Hotas system, with No Man’s Sky the main title in mind – with it’s lack of support for the Hotas. We have now put it through some testing, so what did we make of this new peripheral?

ProTas - Product Review | Flight Stick Control for No Mans Sky VR

If you have been screaming out for HOTAS support for No Man’s Sky then this new product from Protube VR might just be the answer to your prayers! The ProTas is not a traditional HOTAS controller but is essentially a mount in the styling of a flight stick that you can affix your controller to that will then allow in game flight navigation.

An Affordable Flight Stick For Virtual Reality

I check out the ProTube ProtasVR Solo, an affordable flight stick for virtual reality games such as No Man's Sky, Vox Machinae and UltraWings. I show you what comes in the box, how to setup the Protas and then I'll test it out with the Valve Index, Oculus Rift S and Oculus Quest...