PSVR2 pre-orders are now open

Pre-order terms and conditions:

- Estimated time to shipment: 2 months.

- No split orders - no order containing a pre-ordered product will be shipped before the indicated delivery date, even partially. If you want other products than those on pre-order, please place another order.

- First come, first served: orders will be shipped in the order in which they were placed. 


The design of the cups is almost finished, the prototypes are printed. Now we are testing to ensure the quality level by stress testing them for heavy use. 

As with the Meta Quest Pro and Pico 4, our PSVR2 designs can be either magnetized or attached with a screw and tenon for products like the ProSaber. 

As a reminder, haptic products (ForceTube, ProVolver) are not compatible with Sony's proprietary system (PSVR1, PSVR2).