MagTube adaptable gunstock


Today we take a dive into Ghosts of Tabor with Protube VR's brillian gunstock the MAGTUBE!! this stock feels like it was made perfectly for ghosts of tabor and has completely changed my experience in Virtual Reality, we go over the different things it offers and how it performs with different weapons like the Ak Alpha , the Scar , The AS Val etc

ProTube MagTube - The ULTIMATE VR Accessory For FPS Games?

We are taking a look at the ProTube MagTube, A VR Gunstock Accessory. Covering all sorts! Grab a cuppa and take a seat...


¿Quieres AUMENTAR tus BAJAS? ¿Subir en la TABLA y ser el PRIMERO? ¿Y encima MEJORAR tu PUNTERÍA y el REALISMO en el JUEGO? Pues echa un OJO a este VIDEO y DESCUBRE un GRAN ACCESORIO para tus META QUEST 3.

First Look: OFFICIAL Pavlov Launch on Quest 3 with a GUNSTOCK!

Pavlov Shack is FINALLY coming to the official Quest store! Let's check it out together... and... enter the Pavlov Quest 3 & MagTube giveaway: ► Pavlov on Meta Quest Store:

Tutorial: Static stock MK2 - Switch side

This video shows you how switch the hand laterality of the Static stock MK2 from right to left handed.

Tutorial: Static stock MK2 - replace the MK1 static stock

This video shows you how to remove the Static stock MK1 to replace with the Static stock MK2.

ProtubeVR sent me Magtube and it's revolutionary, the best gunstock for Quest 2 ever

If you love #milsim in #VR and are looking for an immersive experience using an excellent gunstock for Quest 2, #ProtubeVR has the right tool to transform you into a sharpshooter,

MagTube MOD by Ragesaq

MagTube MOD by Ragesaq

Showing off my custom @ProTubeVR based VR controller for @HolyWowStudios Trombone Champ AND new custom songs!

This VR Gunstock IMPROVED My Aim! - MagTube From ProTubeVR!

"This adds a whole level of realism to your gameplay"

IS IT ANY GOOD?!?! | ProTubeVR Gun Stock Review

Today we are gonna talk about one of my all time favorite VR Gun Stocks! The Protube VR Magtube!

AIM QUICKER, SHOOT FASTER! | ProtubeVR MagTube VR Gunstock

The MagTube from ProTubeVR is a VR gunstock used by professional gamers all around the world. So, why not give yourself an unfair advantage against your mates and get one? It's not for everyone though so be sure to check out this video to see if it's right for you...PRESS PLAY TO FIND OUT! ?

The Best Gun Stock for VR Shooters

The best gun stock for VR FPS games. We will be comparing the Protube Magtube, Forcetube, Sanlaki 3D printed gun stock from Etsy, Glistco Magni Stock, Accura VR Stock_v1, 3D Gear Competition VR Gun Stock, and the crazy HIG-M4 VR Gun Stock.

BEST VR GUNSTOCK - Carbon Magtube ProTubeVR

BEST VR GUNSTOCK - Carbon Magtube ProTubeVR

This is the best gunstock for VR, the Carbon Magtube by ProTubeVR. Watch as I unbox, set up, and test out this VR accessory on the Oculus Quest 2! This carbon gunstock makes your VR controllers feel very close to that of holding a rifle (minus the weight). Overall, I do find this gunstock makes for easier, steadier aim.

(FR) Magtube, bilan après 2ans et MagCups V2

(FR) Magtube, bilan après 2ans et MagCups V2

Is this the BEST VR GUNSTOCK EVER MADE? The Protube Magtube is changing things.

Is this the BEST VR GUNSTOCK EVER MADE? The Protube Magtube is changing things.

Today I'm looking at the Protube VR Magtube full carbon gunstock and a huge thank you to Protube VR for approaching me for this opportunity and sending me this stock to review, I really appreciate it and I'm still not sure how they found out this channel exists but tis been a pleasure to work with them.

ProTubeVR MagTube VR Gunstock (Hardware)

ProTubeVR MagTube VR Gunstock (Hardware)

VR accessory maker ProTubeVR is back with another peripheral to enhance your VR gaming sessions: the MagTube. This VR gunstock add-on is available for most VR systems’ controllers and even supports modular upgrades. Let’s take a closer look at the Oculus Quest version in this review.

THE BEST VR ACCESSORY!? | Carbon Fibre 'Protube/Magtube' Review

THE BEST VR ACCESSORY!? | Carbon Fibre 'Protube/Magtube' Review

My review of the recently released carbon fibre MAGTUBE VR gunstock. Feat. Onward community members MrDeath & Srilanken1