LASTCHANCE promo code before price increase

We wrote about it in our newsletter of 2022/08/14 (cf screenshot). We have postponed it as much as possible beyond what was initially planned (3 months), but we are forced to increase our prices, almost exclusively due to the new transport and raw material prices. 

We are more committed than ever to help you get the most of your money. That's why we improve our processes, the quality of our products, revise our designs to fit different uses, and have an excellent 2-year warranty and customer service. 

We are also working to bring you new accessories to continue to improve your comfort, immersion and fun. Stay tuned on our social networks because it could happen soon ;) 

From today, our prices are increasing. But you can use your LASTCHANCE coupon for 10% off on all products on the shop to keep the same price level before the final increase (not compatible with other promotions). The promo code is also available in the check-out process. It will last until 2023/04/02. 

Pricing statement from 2022 08 14