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Provolver (pre order)

This VR haptic gun provides recoil feedback in VR games like Pistol Whip, Onward, Contractors or Pavlov. Its realistic weight and dimensions added to the force feedbacks makes it the perfect immersive accessory for VR shooters.

The device can be held using a single hand like a traditional firearm or in a double grip configuration in option with an attachment at the front including a second MagCup.

·         REALISTIC RECOIL with the ForceTube patented technology

·         STURDY High quality and robust 3D printing

·         HIGH DURATION BATTERY with 4 hours of normal use

Price €299.99

ForceTube Scout Haptic...

Preorder (more info in product description)


Reach a new level of immersion thanks to this VR FPS accessory.

A haptic force feedback module simulating impact kicks and rumble effects.

Controllers are not included.

Price €249.00
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