ProVolver haptic pistol : feel the recoil for your Meta Oculus Quest 2 controllers

ProVolver haptic handgun for Meta Quest 2 with ProStrap

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A powerful feedback at your fingertip.

The ProVolver brings the recoil of your virtual pistol in your hands, with kickback and rumble, when you press the trigger. Immersion and fun go through the roof!

For mpeta Quest 2. ProStrap included.

  • Left hand
  • Right hand
SMG Front Extension
  • Without extension
  • Right hand front extension
  • Grey PLA
  • Black Carbon Fiber
  • White PLA
  • Red PLA
€ 379.00

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Accessoires indispensables

- USB Dongle

USB Bluetooth Dongle

USB Bluetooth Dongle

€ 6.00 € 0.00

- USB-C Cable

USB C Cable pour module haptique

USB C Cable pour module haptique

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Level up your gaming experience.

The spring loaded slide reciprocates with each bullet just like a real handgun. Its realistic weight and dimensions added to the force feedback make it the perfect immersive accessory to take VR shooters to the next level.

What will you achieve with it?

  • Feel the game: Haptic pistol with moving breech-lock to feel the recoil and realistic weight to reach the best VR shooting experience you can dive into.
  • Enhanced VR Immersion: Experience the thrill of lifelike shooting, making you feel truly immersed in the virtual battlefield.
  • Realistic Firearm Feel: With the ForceTube Haptic Gunstock, it's like holding a real gun in your hand, adding a whole new dimension to your VR FPS games and pistol rhythm games.
  • Reach next level: Enjoy tailored effects for each weapon and firing mode, including single shot, burst, full auto, sniper, and even laser.

Features of the ProVolver haptic pistol:

  • Native Compatibilities: We work with VR studios to integrate our force feedback modules (ForceTube, Provolver) directly into the games. For greater precision with the weapons feedback, customization of the experience.
  • PCVR retrocompatibility: For the games without native compatibility, we made a "Companion App", synchronizing your computer and the feedback module. When used with PCVR/SteamVR games, this application will recognize the signals sent by the games to the headset, and activate the haptic module accordingly.
  • Getting a new VR headset? No need to buy a new handgun. Choose the ProVolver rear cup (as a spare part) designed for your new controllers. Thanks to our clamp attachment, you can detach the rear cup from the haptic module.
  • High-end 3D printing: The rear cup and module can withstand a great deal of force during intense playing sessions.
  • Premium support: You went full Gun-Kata (Equilibrium film, 2002) and still managed to make a breach despite the material quality? That's quite rare but count on us with our amazing international warranty and support.

Some recommended games:

  • Competitive: Pavlov, Breachers, AMF, Ghosts of Tabor, Larcenauts, Alvo, Honor and Duty, Mission X, Stand Out, Virtual Battlegrounds, War Dust, Aim XR, Alvo, Larcenauts (even better with Akimbo of ProVolver)…
  • Coop: Zombieland VR: Headshot forever (mod), Gambit!...
  • Solo: Half-life Alyx (mod), Crisis Brigade 2, After the Fall (mod), Arizona Sunshine (mod), Bonelab (mod), Sweet Surrender, Crisis Brigade 2, Doom 3 Quest (mod), Shock Troops, Resist, Bonelab (mod), Aeterno, Tales of Glory 2, Metal Hellsinger (mod), Dead Second (even better with Akimbo of ProVolver), AB Aim XR, Super Hot (mod), The Light Brigade (mod), The Living Remain (mod), Vertigo 2, Resist (even better with Akimbo of ProVolver), Vertigo Remastered...
  • Music and rhythm: Pistol Whip (mod), Audica (mod), Ark and Ade, Warchasm (even better with Akimbo of ProVolver)…
  • Shooting range: H3VR (Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades), Gun Club VR, Duck Season (mod)…
  • Free: Cactus Cowboy, Plants At War, Cactus Cowboy 3 Fully Loaded, Population: One (on Quest)…

Possible upgrades:

  • Front Extension for SMG style: If you want to hold your ProVolver with 2 hands, put a secondary hand position in front of your accessory to turn it into a Submachine Gun.

What's in the box?

  • 1 x Provolver Explorer Haptic module, with attachment clamps, slide and rails.
  • 1 x Meta Quest 2 Rear cup (left or right) with ProStrap.
  • 1 x USB-C cable.
  • 1 x USB Dongle Bluetooth 4.0 (for PC).
  • 1 x Allen key.
  • Option: 1 x Front extension with a cup (opposite side to rear cup), with ProStrap.

Technical Specifications:

  • Weight: 560gr (module + cup)
  • Points of contact: 1 to 2 (rear cup, second hand on front cup if extension or under the barrel)
  • Haptic stock Model: Explorer for ProVolver
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0
  • Battery: 3100mAmpH (5h of use)
  • Charging: 7 hours, USB-C
  • Kick power: 5 joules max
  • Shoulder Slide mode: 10mm
  • Frequency: 25 hz max
Product name
VR controller brand
Meta Quest 2
Main product
First Person Shooter (FPS)
Best for
Short to medium range firefight
Product group
ProVolver handgun
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