Bipod to stabilize aim in VR FPS game
Bipod to stabilize aim in VR FPS game
Bipod to stabilize aim in VR FPS game
Bipod to stabilize aim in VR FPS game


3 Reviews

The Bipod is a V-shaped portable attachment that helps support and steady your Gunstock while aiming. It provides significant stability against unwanted side-to-side movements while allowing free movements pivoting around the transverse axis. The Bipod is foldable and have telescoping legs.

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For those who also want more realism, it will bring an extra weight that will bring your simulator closer to a real gun.

INCREASE YOUR ACCURACY - Improve your stability for long shot in VR FPS.

TAKE A DEEP BREATH - Adapted to the MagTube and ForceTube gunstock, the bipod add immersion by increasing the weight.

ADJUST IT - Extend the legs to fit your support height and your position.


Game examples : Onward, Pavlov, Contractors, Sniper Elite VR.

Product name
First Person Shooter (FPS)
Best for
Medium to long range firefight
Product group
ForceTube gunstock
MagTube gunstock
3 Reviews

The bipod is of very good quality and works very well. Only downside, as stated in another review, is the minimum lengte. It is way too tall for a proned position making it unusable for most shooters other than a gun firing range.
By Jean-Paul on 03/23/2024

The product fells high quality but when i tighten the lock, it falls off when i put it on the ground. It is also way too tall to use when laying down
By Stardust on 01/07/2024

works smooth like butter when deploying the bipod! love this product.
By Jan on 04/01/2023

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