Left view of ProSaber lightsaber and paddle for Meta Quest 3 and Pro with Chrome Armature and Grey PLA cups
Right view of ProSaber lightsaber and paddle for Meta Quest 3 and Pro with Chrome Armature and Grey PLA cups
Zoom view of ProSaber lightsaber and paddle for Meta Quest 3 and Pro with Chrome Armature and Grey PLA cups

ProSaber for Quest 3

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Awaken your inner Maul. 

Slice cubes with a double-bladed lightsaber for Meta Quest 3 and Quest Pro with skill and style. 

Unless you want to paddle at full speed, realistically and without bruising your shoulder? 

  • Chrome armature
  • Black Carbon Fiber armature
  • Grey PLA
  • Black Carbon Fiber
  • Red PLA
  • White PLA
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Are you prepared to awaken your inner warrior? 

Quick, quick! A lightsaber master and his neon cubes are approaching you. Slice them in half as you twirl with style. 

Activate the dual-blade mod in BeatSaber. Breathe deeply as the cubes rush towards you. Grasp the tube firmly. 

Unleash your style in an explosion of movement, twirling the ProSaber in your hands or around you, to slice through the cubes. 

Your future achievements:

  • 🧨 Rediscover your favorite cube slicing activity with a new set of movements and challenges.
  • 🛶 Paddle like crazy in your virtual kayak, with a set of realistic movements.

What makes ProSaber so useful? 

  • Perform newer tricks by twisting and turning the ProSaber in many ways.
  • Impersonate the all-time favorite red-skinned Darth Lord and slice all those cubes with flowing movement by twirling and swirling.
  • Protect your shoulders with controlled kayaking movements.

The power ups your will get:

  • A sturdy VR accessory, with secure controller slots.

Brandish your double blade or paddle:

  • Beat Saber.
  • Blade and Sorcery.
  • Kayak VR: Mirage.
  • Whitewater VR: Extreme Kayaking Adventure.

What's in the box? 

  • 1 x Tube of 30cm with connectors to fasten the mounts to it.
  • 1 x Pair (left and right hand) of controller mounts to slot your Quest 3 controllers in.
  • Inside each mount, there is a black rubber inner layer to protect your controllers and ensure a perfect fit. .
  • Tool and spare bag: 2 x 20mm bolts, 2 x M6 lock nuts, 1 x 3mm Allen key, 1 x 4mm Allen key.

What are you waiting for? 
  • High quality standards with French design and manufacture.
  • A small team at your service.
  • Express delivery worldwide.
  • ProTubeVR's Discord community, with thousands of players for tips and tricks and new teammates.
  • 30-day return policy.
  • 2-year worldwide warranty.
  • Friendly, human customer support.
  • Futureproof: getting a new VR headset in the future? Get the mounts for your new controllers, no need to buy the whole accessory again.
Compatible VR controller brand
Meta Quest 3 and Quest Pro
Main product
Limited Edition

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