Lead the scoreboard with MagTube for Meta Oculus Quest 3 controllers
Lead the scoreboard with MagTube for Meta Oculus Quest 3 controllers
Lead the scoreboard with MagTube for Meta Oculus Quest 3 controllers
Lead the scoreboard with MagTube for Meta Oculus Quest 3 controllers
Lead the scoreboard with MagTube for Meta Oculus Quest 3 controllers
Lead the scoreboard with MagTube for Meta Oculus Quest 3 controllers
Lead the scoreboard with MagTube for Meta Oculus Quest 3 controllers
Lead the scoreboard with MagTube for Meta Oculus Quest 3 controllers
Lead the scoreboard with MagTube for Meta Oculus Quest 3 controllers
Lead the scoreboard with MagTube for Meta Oculus Quest 3 controllers
Lead the scoreboard with MagTube for Meta Oculus Quest 3 controllers
Lead the scoreboard with MagTube for Meta Oculus Quest 3 controllers

MagTube gunstock for Meta Quest 3

The most versatile gun stock to win any VR FPS game.

The MagTube stock aligns your HMD's controllers and stabilizes your aim, so you can make perfect, fast shots to win your games. Suitable for all VR rifles, snipers and most machine pistols.

  • Carbon Adjustable stock MK2
  • Original stock MK1
  • Grey PLA
  • Black Carbon Fiber
  • White PLA
  • Red PLA
  • Black Carbon Fiber
  • Chrome
€ 129.00

Excl. tax

3-5 days delivery

Accessoires indispensables

- ProStraps

- Bipod



€ 39.00 € 31.20

- Front Bracket

Second front controller holder

Second front controller holder

€ 16.00 € 13.60
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3-5 days delivery

Dominate the leadboard.

The MagTube is an articulated frame resembling a firearm on which you clip your controllers on. By aligning your controllers, it improves accuracy and realism drastically, making players feel like they're holding a real weapon while playing VR FPS games. The MagTube uses magnetic cups to secure controllers and offers various configurations for different rifles, enabling precise aiming, faster target acquisition, and an overall more engaging gameplay experience.

What will you achieve with it?

  • The best K/D ratio: The MagTube gunstock stabilizes your Aim Down Sight (ADS) and shooting stance, resulting in more accurate shots and better overall performance in FPS and shooting games. It feels like cheating sometimes.
  • Quick Target Acquisition: The MagTube helps you quickly acquire targets and transition between them smoothly, which is crucial in fast-paced shooting games. Whether it's swift aiming or firing from the hip, align your sights on any target and eliminate it before it can respond.
  • Improved Immersion: The gunstock adds realism to VR shooting games by providing a physical interface that mimics holding a firearm, enhancing your overall immersion in the virtual world.
  • Lead your team to victory: Focus more on helping your team rather than trying to properly align your controllers.
  • Reduced Fatigue: By distributing the weight of the VR controllers, the MagTube gunstock and its sling reduces arm fatigue during extended gaming sessions, enabling you to play for longer periods comfortably.
  • Natural Handling: Holding a gunstock feels more natural and intuitive, allowing you to focus on gameplay without worrying about controlling the virtual weapon.
  • Esport Performance: Favored by competitive players for its stability and precision, take an edge in esports and VR tournaments with your agTube. As a long-standing partner of the VR Master League, we're proud to see our MagTube products frequently used in VR esport championships.

Features of the MagTube VR gun stock:

  • Articulated Frame for Weapon Compatibility: Compatible with every VR FPS game, its sturdy articulated frame adapts to all guns. And if your game doesn't have individual weapon calibration, you can adjust the MagTube on the fly.
  • Personalized Fit: Many gunstocks are adjustable to fit different body sizes and preferences, enhancing your comfort and gameplay experience.
  • Free hands with detachable controllers: Unclip the controller's mounts / holders / cups with a quick twist to perform secondary actions such as reloading, drawing your pistol, or throwing a grenade, before cliping it back, guided by the magnets.
  • Perfect controller tracking: Your headset will always have a clear sight of the controllers because no object obstruct it. With the bottom-mounted structure (the mounts are at the bottom of the VR controllers, and you clip them on top of the gunstock), your headset keep a cristal clear signal. No tracking loss.
  • Several points of contact: Cheek and shoulder with stock, hands with controller mounts, forearms on the frame, torso with sling. No sore muscle after keeping your arms in the air for a long time, and the sling allows the rest your arms when not aiming.
  • Neodymium magnets: The High Pull magnets ensure secure controller attachment yet offer easy detachment when needed. Gliding over the stock magnets swiftly locks your controllers into place for seamless control.
  • Quick adaptability: Each joint has a screw that can be loosened and tightened on-the-fly by hand to match your virutal weapon configuration.
  • Designed for performance and gameplay: We prioritize efficiency over unnecessary aesthetics. Our peripherals are designed for optimal controller tracking, gameplay improvement, and adaptability.
  • Injection Molded Frame Joints: The parts most put to the test during a gaming session are made with industrial-grade parts, ensuring they won't go out of alignment.
  • High-end 3D printing: The controller's cup and the stock can withstand high amount of force when gaming. You have lumberjack hands able to reduce granit to dust? Count on us with our amazing warranty and support.
  • Your MagTube will follow you whatever your headset: Getting a new VR headset? No need to buy a new gunstock. Just choose the cups designed for your new controllers. Whatever the brand of headset, our different cups use the same attachment system.

Some recommended games:

  • Competitive: Onward, Pavlov, Ghosts of Tabor, Breachers, Contractors, AMF, Honor and Duty, War Dust, Virtual Battlegrounds, Stand Out, Larcenauts...
  • Coop: Zombieland VR: Headshot forever, Gambit!, Surv1v3, Crunch Element…
  • Solo: Sniper Elite (we recommend the Bipod for extra precision and immersion), Crisis Vrigade, Ark and Ade, Shock Troops, Dead Second, After the Fall, Compound, Metal Hellsinger, The Light Brigade, Tales of Glory 2 Retaliation, AB Aeterno…
  • Shooting range: H3VR (Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades), Clay Hunt VR, Duck Season, Gun Club VR, VR Practical Shooting…
  • Free: Aim XR, Cactus Cowboy, Plants At War, Cactus Cowboy 3 Fully Loaded, Population: One (on Quest)…

Possible upgrades:

  • 2 points Sling: The 1 point Sling we offer provides more stability and balance, reducing sway and improving aim. The 2 points provides even more support, reduces fatigue and increases safety.
  • Bipod: Perform the best sniper shot possible in your shooting range or cover your team from afar, by having perfect stability.
  • ProStraps: Comfortable hand straps for your controllers. Fully adjustable to fit different hand sizes, they free up your hands so you don't have to worry about flying controllers. They also help reduce fatigue and extend your gaming sessions.
  • Additional Smooth Front Bracket: This holder gives you a second position for your front hand, if you often switch between SMG and long rifle. Handy and time-saving.
  • Adjustable stock MK2: Achieve optimal length and cheek weld positions for improved accuracy and comfort.
  • Upgrade to the haptic ForceTube later: Switch your stock from static to the haptic stock module, to feel the recoil your virtual weapon on your shoulder. Immersion level is over 9000!

What's in the box?

  • 1 x MagTube VR Gun Stock for Meta Quest 3 with static stock (MK1 or MK2), assembled for right handed / right dominant eye.
  • For Left-handed, an easy to follow tutorial is available in the product guide, it takes less than 5 minutes.
  • 2 x Magnetic mounts (MagCups) to slot your controllers in.
  • 1 x Sling (1 or 2 attachment points).
  • 1 x Tool bag with Allen key to adjust the cups beforehand or on the fly while gaming.
  • Option: 1 x Bipod.
  • Option: 1 x Pair of ProStraps Grips.
  • Option: 1 x Smooth Front Bracket.

Technical Specifications:

  • Dimension unfolded: 70 x 20 x 6cm
Product name
VR controller brand
Meta Quest 3 & Pro
Main product
First Person Shooter (FPS)
Best for
Medium to long range firefight
Product group
MagTube gunstock
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