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    General FAQ

  • Where are your products shipped from?

    France is the origin country for all orders. ProtubeVR ships worldwide! All European customers are charged 20% vat on checkout. Any imports etc. are paid by customers.
  • Where can I find more details regarding shipping, materials, weight, etc.?

    On any product page scroll down to Description/Product Details and read through both.
  • Will there be cups for upcoming VR headset x when it launches?

    Unless otherwise stated, we always have new cups available at or close to launch of new headsets. Some cup development takes longer than others depending on the shape of the controllers, such as the Index controllers which required a brand new unique design. If using our products is not viable with a headset, it may be more time until cups are released, as the maker improves the experience with the HMD. Keep an eye out on twitter, facebook, and discord for such announcements.
  • How can I get in touch with ProTubeVR?

    Through our discord server ( ) or via our support page


  • What does "Tax incl." and "Tax excl." on all the prices mean?

    Depending on your region, the website automatically adjusts prices to include 20% VAT. This 20% VAT only applies to European customers, and automatically adjusting the price allows them to see the full price up front. For European customers, there will be a different tax included/excluded price, to show that VAT is being charged.
  • Why does the price show as €60.00 (or €34.90/€34.99) +Vat/shipping before selecting anything in each config tool?

    This is the price for the cheapest option available in each config tool, which in the case of the ProTubeVR Config does not include the ForceTubeVR or full carbon MagTubeVR shown in the product picture preview.
  • The ProTubeVR seems a bit pricey, is there a way to make it cheaper?

    We offer a KIT mounting service, that you put together yourself (all parts + instructions are included), which reduces the price you pay by €20.00. The cheapest model stock we offer starts at €59.99 with the KIT mounting service. In addition to this, we have a monthly newsletter promotion, which changes each newsletter! The promotion could be x% discount on y amount spent, discount on certain product, etc. You can find the latest newsletter in #newstube-archive channel of our discord server.


  • Can I use the Rift S/Quest controllers with my OG Rift cups?

    No. The Rift S/Quest controllers are smaller, so you'll have to buy cups for them.You run the risk of breaking your OG Rift cups if you try to use them with Rift S/Quest controllers!
  • Why can't I select regular cups on the ProTasVR Config?

    We are not selling a regular cups version of the ProTasVR at this time. If demand increases, we will release one sooner.
  • Why can't I select Valve Index cups on the ProSaberVR Config?

    Valve Index cups are only launching with the MagTubeVR option. There may be a special one made exclusively for ProSaberVR at a later date.
  • Can I make a ProSaberVR out of my ProTubeVR without needing to buy anything?

    If you have the regular cups (not MagTube cups) yes you can! Just reference the ProSaber pic and disassemble your ProTubeVR as necessary. If your regular cups do not have holes in them for the straps (as seen in the ProSaber picture), then you ordered your ProTubeVR before the holes became standard, and you will need to drill holes yourself. IMPORTANT: Please ask in the #english or #beat_saber_tweaks channels of our discord server for guidance on how to do that (without proper instructions you risk breaking your cups!).
  • I have a Windows Mixed Reality headset. Which cups do I select?

    We offer cups for all of the WMR headsets. Choose Odyssey/Odyssey+ if you have either of those, and for the rest of the WMR headsets please choose Generic WMR.


  • I cannot properly input my address on checkout, what do I do?

    Contact us on our support page and include your order number if you already ordered explaining the situation. The website payment form itself may be limited in some way or another, but we can accomodate and ship to any address, just let us know so we can manually change it before it ships.
  • Why does it cost more when selecting Paypal as payment method?

    Paypal price is subject to change as Paypal's own policies change. Any changes are because of Paypal and outside of our control. If you have any further questions/complaints regarding Paypal pricing, direct them to Paypal. We can only comply by their policies.
  • Where do I enter my promo code?

    On the checkout screen there will be a place to submit promo codes and apply them. This will be reflected in the price if the code is valid.
  • I'm having trouble completing my order. Something is wrong with the website.

    First, try a different browser. If you are on a mobile device/tablet, try a laptop/desktop computer. If it still doesn't work, the fastest way to get this resolved is to let us know in our discord server.
  • My payment method isn't listed or payment was denied.

    Try a different payment method. If your payment method is listed as accepted, check with your payment method to make sure they didn't block the order. If you still have issues, please try a different browser etc. or contact us on the discord server or via the support page
  • I want to make a change to my order before it ships, help.

    Just use our support page , it will point you in the right direction


  • Where can I find the status of my order?

    Click on the link provided in the e-mail sent confirming your purchase, or log into your account on the website. If it doesn't let you log in via the link, click Forgot your password? and change it - ProTubeVR automatically creates passwords for its customers as part of the system to track orders but leaves the passwords blank. All you have to do is change password and you're good to go.
  • When will my order ship out?

    If your order does not include any pre orders, it will ship out within 48 hours, unless you ordered during the weekend in which case it will likely ship out Monday. If your order includes pre orders (i.e. ForceTubeVR Gen2, ProTasVR), it will ship out once the pre ordered items are available. Check the product pages for these items to see when they are expected to ship out. We sometimes send e-mails out updating customers on pre order status when expected release date changes, otherwise check our discord server's #preorder_updates channel for the latest updates regarding release dates.
  • My order has shipped, how do I track my package?

    Go to check order status and you should see the latest tracking updates. In addition to this we should have sent you an e-mail confirmation that your order shipped, and included a tracking number. Click the link provided in the e-mail to see tracking all the way up to destination country. From there, copy that tracking number and paste it into your local mail's website for further tracking information. If you don't know what the website is, just recall who delivers your mail, and check find their website. Example: USA local service is USPS. If you chose DHL express, your package is with DHL the entire way, so you don't have to worry about using the tracking number elsewhere.
  • I chose the wrong address or need to change the address, how do I do that?

    Just use our support page , it will point you in the right direction


  • Something was missing from my order, what should I do?

    First don't hesitate to bring this up in #english channel of our discord to ensure you are indeed missing something. After you have confirmed you're missing something, just use our support page , it will point you in the right direction
  • Where do I find instructions on how to setup/install my product?

    A piece of paper with your order should direct you accordingly. Otherwise, you can find most of the tutorials here: , or on the product pages directly under the attachments tab. All of the tutorials are on our discord server in the #mounting-tuto channel as well.
  • Guns don't line up properly in games making it hard to aim, how do I fix this?

    Each person's body is a different size, length, etc., so you'll want to manually adjust the stock with the provided allen wrench. Refer to this video by ragesaq on the best methodology to use when going through this process to get the optimal setup:
  • How do I set up Maul mode in Beat Saber?

    Go to the official Beat Saber modder discord! You need the latest version of the Maul Mode mod
  • How do I install my Index cups?

  • How do I setup my ForceTubeVR to connect to PC and work in games?

    You can click here to download the ForceTubeVR turorial. Any further questions can be asked in the #forcetubevr-specific channel of our discord.
  • Which type of zip-ties should I get if I want to re-attach my MagTubeVR cups to my Index controllers?

    Spare zip (or cable) ties for the Index cups are 200mm (8'') length x 2.6mm (0.10'') width.
  • I have bad tracking when I attach or detach my Index controllers from the stock. Is the stock interfering with my tracking?

    The Knuckles/Index controllers were extensively tested for months before cups were released to ensure no such interference occurs. The issue you are experiencing is with your controller and software. Please contact Valve customer support on how to resolve this.
  • I have bad tracking when using my ProTubeVR with the RiftS/Quest, how do I fix that?

    Make sure your ProTubeVR is configured so that the halos on the controllers are visible by the sensors on the headset at all times. You lose tracking when the headset cannot see a controller. Some games have settings to make using things easier on these headsets, such as Onward's Virtual gunstock option.
  • Something broke! How do I get a replacement?

    Just use our support page , it will point you in the right direction