Starter CQB gunstock

Starter CQB gunstock

Master the art of precision in your fast-paced VR FPS game without sacrificing mobility!

Are you hesitating about trying the MagTube because it seems a bit overwhelming at first? No worries!

Introducing our compact and versatile gunstock options: the Starter, CQB (Close Quarter Battle), and SMG gunstock.

Experience the ultimate freedom of movement whether you're shooting from the hip or aiming down your sights with the Starter gunstock. It significantly enhances your aiming skills while keeping your hands free. The rear hand is securely attached to the tube, while the front hand is held by a magnetic attachment. It's seamless - detach the front hand for secondary actions (like reloading, tossing grenades, or simply having fun with your teammates), and then snap it back into place.

And the best part? You can easily upgrade to the 2-tubes full rifle version later when you're ready, no need to commit from the get-go.

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