ProVolver handgun with recoil

ProVolver handgun with recoil

Get ready for an immersive transformation in your gaming experience!

Are your controllers feeling a bit too lightweight and underwhelming during intense firefights like Pistol Whip? The ProVolver Haptic Handgun is here to change the game!

Step into the action with lifelike firearm feedback. With the ProVolver, pulling the trigger on your virtual weapon is a revelation. Its haptic module replicates the real gun experience, providing you with authentic recoil, vibrations, and percussive sensations.

You're in control with tailored effects for each weapon and firing mode, whether it's a single shot, burst, full-auto, sniper precision, or even futuristic laser warfare.

Our ProVolver is a breeze to set up – it's truly 'Plug and Play'. Enjoy seamless compatibility with our growing library of native supported games, or explore the endless worlds of SteamVR.

Dream of becoming the law with your very own Lawgiver machine pistol? Well, you're in luck because here, we're no judges – just gamers looking for ultimate fun!

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