ForceTube gunstock with recoil

ForceTube gunstock with recoil

Elevate Your VR FPS Gaming with Immersive Haptic Feedback!

The ForceTube is a gunstock. Like the MagTube, you will win your games with accurate shots, thanks to increased stability and the improved reflexes. That's awesome already, but that's not all.

Experience the true immersion with kickback and vibrations, a physical recoil of your virtual weapon. The ForceTube module delivers an Arcade-level experience right in your home, perfect for games like Onward, Sniper Elite, or Pavlov.

Each firearm and firing mode comes with tailored haptic effects, whether it's single shot, burst, full auto, sniper precision, or even futuristic laser weaponry.

Our Haptic Feedback system seamlessly integrates with our ever-growing list of natively compatible games and is also compatible with SteamVR titles.

Choose your headset with a ForceTube-equipped gunstock or opt for a haptic module as an upgrade to enhance your existing gunstock, like the MagTube.

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