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ProTasVR's "light blue" Limited Edition


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You've been dreaming of them. Here they come at last: the special editions of the ProTasVR rifle are here!

This product will self-destruct once our stocks are depleted, first arrived, first served!

Want to pilot your ship or simply be comfortably seated in your chair? ProTas are here!

Only one ProTasVR is sold here. Controllers are not included.

If you want 2 ProTasVR, look at our ProTasVR Combo

VR System


Attach it to your chair with velcro straps or at your desk with the adhesive plate. Then put yourself in your chair and be at the controls of your spaceship or nautical/air engine or even glorious battlefield Mecha, or simply enjoy a great stability by converting your VR controller into a joystick.

Equipped with our magnetic cup system - the MagCups - you just need to unclip your controller to use it in other circumstances. The MagTube is a removable magnetized attachment to your ProTasVR. It allows you to detach and reattach your joysticks with a gesture that is simple, instinctive and fast. By making your interactions with the virtual world more free, natural, and comfortable, it helps immerse you in an immersive experience. It also improves your efficiency and responsiveness.


Do you want 2 ProTasVR ?

Look at our ProTasVR Combo



  • Left or Right-handed:

Choose which hand will use your controller.

  • Base material:

Choose your color or opt for a carbon base.

  • VR system:

Choose your VR system. The configurator will present you the cup with different colors. These cups are specially designed to adapt to the chosen VR system's controllers.

Only one ProTas (and cup) is sold here. Controllers are not included.

What is included

ProTasVR bases x 1 + magnetic supports x 1 + straps x 2 + adhesive plates x 1+ MagCupVR x 1

Controllers are not included.


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