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ProTas Combo - Carbon Full option

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VR System
ProStraps for Oculus Rift S, Quest 1, Quest 2, and HP Reverb G2

Attach it to your chair with velcro straps or at your desk with the adhesive plate. Then put yourself in your chair and be at the controls of your spaceship or nautical/air engine or even glorious battlefield Mecha, or simply enjoy a great stability by converting your VR controller into a joystick.

Equipped with our magnetic cup system - the MagCups - you just need to unclip your controller to use it in other circumstances.

This special edition is full carbon option, at a better price.


Where could you use it ? Here is a short list of games

ProTubeVR Protas Game No Man SkyProTubeVR Protas Game Vox MachinaeProTubeVR Protas Game VTOL VRProTubeVR Protas Game Joystick VR Games


What is included

1 x Carbon ProTasVR base
1 x Carbon magnetic supports Magcup (right or left-handed)
2 x velcro straps
1 x adhesive plates

If you take Valve Index MagCups, look at this instruction video


Specific References


ProTas Instructions

ProTas Tutorial to Setup your Joystick for your favorite VR piloting games

Download (273.15k)

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