[EN] ProTubeVR products are compatible with Virtual Battleground VR

Publié le : 2020/04/17 - Catégories : Fusil , Tous les articles

Battle Royale games are definitely coming on virtual Reality. The goal is always the same: in a large arena, you have to be the last survivor after having eliminated all the others. 

After a series of numerous reports, the CyberDream studio finally released Virtual Battleground!

The MagTubeVR fits perfectly to improve gamer accuracy and stability while using a rifle. The magnetic cups allow you to swipe easily when you need to hold 2 guns, for hand-to-hand fight or when you want to use the zip-line across the map.

Concerning ForceTubeVR, the support is active but still is in progress. It still needs to get optimized but we have good hope it will be very soon! 

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