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MagStarter Gunstock Full carbon for VR FPS games
  • MagStarter Gunstock Full carbon for VR FPS games

MagStarter - Carbon Full option

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* The ProStarps are available for Rift S / Quest 1 / Quest 2 / HP Reverb G2 only.

The Starter product range from ProTubeVR is probably the best way to discover our products and all the advantages of our simulators.

The Starter consists of a tube on which are placed cups where you put your joysticks.

Be quick and reactive with this compact accessory that will improve your aim by stabilizing your controllers on your VR FPS. You can also use it to simulate your melee sword and axe blows.

With this "full carbon" edition, take the set directly with the best materials available, at a better price.

What are the advantages ?

  • Light
  • Handy
  • Fast learning curve
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to transport, at a friend's house or at an Esport VR competition

What are the differencies between ProStarter and MagStarter ?

  • The ProStarter has two steady cups on its tube. You have to take the controller out of its cup to reload, throw a grenade... This is a gesture that can be learned quite easily.
  • The MagStarter has a steady cup on the back and a MagCup magnetic cup on the front. It allows you to easily unhook and put back the controller on the frame.
    You use the rear part (rear steady cup + inseparable tube) to do the gesture, while your MagCup is your non-moving weapon in the game.
  • In general, a majority of players prefer the MagCup but some may prefer the steady cups.

Next Steps ?

Opt now or later for the MagTube rifle for an even greater feeling of immersion and comfort!


What is included

1 x Carbon Classic Cup (back)
1 x Carbon MagCup (front)
1 x Carbon tube
2 x Wrist straps


Data sheet

Classic Starter weight
Starter carbon edition weight

Specific References


Bipod Instructions

Tactical bipod setup tutorial

Download (179.5k)

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