right MagTube VR gunstock for Meta Quest 2 with chrome tubes and grey cups side view
right MagTube VR gunstock for Meta Quest 2 with chrome tubes and grey cups rear view
right MagTube VR gunstock for Meta Quest 2 with chrome tubes and grey cups front view
right MagTube VR gunstock for Meta Quest 2 with chrome tubes and grey cups side view
right MagTube VR gunstock for Meta Quest 2 with chrome tubes and grey cups rear view
right MagTube VR gunstock for Meta Quest 2 with chrome tubes and grey cups front view

Discount banner MagTube Full Carbon

  • Immersion and performance - Align and stabilize your VR controllers with this gunstock recognized as the Esport reference for fast target acquisition and durability.
  • Compatible with every VR FPS game - Multiple articulations, options, and configurations to adapt to any rifle in the game.
  • Adaptability - Detach your controllers with our patented magnetic cups to perform secondary action (reloading, picking up your pistol, or throwing a grenade).
  • Setup - This MagTube Gunstock is preassembled for the right dominant eye. To switch it to the left dominant eye, we provide all tools and the operation takes less than 5 minutes with our tutorial.

Game examples : Onward, Pavlov, Contractors, AMF, Gun Club VR, H3VR, Sniper Elite, Medal of Honor.


The options :

  • The Sling provides support, reduces fatigue and increases safety. The two-points sling provides more stability and balance, reducing sway and improving aim.

  • The Bipod provides significant stability against unwanted side-to-side movements while allowing free movements pivoting around the transverse axis. The Bipod is foldable and have telescoping legs.

  • The ProStraps are comfortable hand straps for your controllers. Fully adjustable to fit different hand sizes, they free up your hands so you don't have to worry about flying controllers. They also help reduce fatigue and extend your gaming sessions.

  • The Additional Support for Front Cup allows you to move your front hand between the SMG and long rifle position without having to adjust the front grip.

MagTube gunstock

4 Reviews
Controller brand
Color of the cups
  • Silver Grey cups
  • Carbon cups
  • Red cups
  • White cups

Indispensable accessories

- Sangles (choix obligatoire)

- Bipod

Bipod (optional)

€ 39.00 € 31.20

- ProStraps

ProStraps Grips

€ 22.00 € 17.60

- Front Bracket

Bracket Gunstock

€ 16.00 € 12.80
€ 129.00

Excl. tax

Estimated delivery time : 5 days. Free shipping.

100% secure payments
Payment 100% secured
International delivery within 3-5 days
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magtube VR gunstock


The MagTube is a VR gunstock to which you attach your VR controllers to. By aligning and stabilizing the controllers, it helps the players aim better with a virtual weapon.

Its sturdy articulated frame adapt to every rifle ingame.


We favor efficiency over cumbersome aesthetic elements. That's why our peripherals are optimized for tracking, gameplay, and adaptability.

This minimalist approach provides you comfort while boosting your performances.

Magtube VR gunstock
Forcetube haptic module


The device can be upgraded by several ways. You can add a ForceTube module to get the recoil, a bipod to snipe like a pro or ProStraps to make your sessions longer and more comfy! 


Official sponsor of the VR Master League since years, we are proud to see the Magtube being currently the gunstock reference for VR esport.

VR league competition



You can adapt the MagTube to every VR shooter. Here is a shortlist of which ones we recommend:



  • From 0,6 to 1,1kg
  • Carbon is lighter than Chrome


  • 70 x 20 x 6cm

Points of contact

  • Cheek and shoulder (back-end)
  • Hands (magnetic cups)
  • Torso (sling)
  • Bipod (optional)


  • 2x magnetic cup for the HMD controllers
  • 2x injected structural part on the frame
  • 1x back-end


1 x MagTube Gunstock, assembled for right handed, with classic back-end

2 x Magnetic Cups (MagCups) for the controllers

1 x Allen key to adjust the cups beforehand or on the fly while gaming

1 x Sling (1 or 2 attachment points)

1 x Bipod (option)

1 x ProStraps Grips (option, if HMD controllers compatible)

ProTubeVR packaging


Customer reviews

4 Reviews

it ok
The stock is a little to back heavy and does not fit well for me.
By Adrian choo on 03/11/2023

Excellent accessory.
Having no rifle in my hand while playing made it difficult for me. I bought this stock and all my trouble went away. I can snipe and aim far better than without it. Thanks protube
By Kevin on 02/01/2023

Id recommend
Pretty good the carbon fiber feels and looks good the plastic feels kind of cheep (for the price) nice molding tho and the haptic addons are kind of expensive but for the price are pretty good I would Recommend if you are in the market
By Abby Irvine on 01/13/2023

Just good, you get what you pay for.
By Leopold on 07/12/2022

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