pair grey magnetic HMD controllers cup for Meta Quest 2 side view

Our accessories use controller mounts/cups in which you insert the controllers of your VR headset. These cups are attached to our accessories with fixed fasteners (screws and nuts) or magnetic fasteners (MagCups).

Fixed mounts are for games that don't require direct controller use and require sharp, intense movements, like BeatSaber or KayakVR games with the ProSaber.

The magnetic mounts allow you to use the accessory and then unhook the controller/cup pair to perform "hands-free" operations. For example, with a MagTube gunstock, you can shoot then unhook the controller/cup pair to perform the reloading action, then re-hook the pair onto the gunstock.


Controller brand
  • Fixed / Fastened
  • Magnetic
  • Right only
  • Left only
  • Pair (left & right)
Color of the cups
  • Carbon cups
  • Silver Grey cups
  • Red cups
  • White cups

Indispensable accessories

- ProStraps

ProStraps Grips

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