Preorder Classic Cups for Oculus Quest 2 - Non-magnetic


Be on top of the list to upgrade your ProTubeVR gunstock or ProSaber to Oculus Quest 2!

ETA - 8 weeks after the start of HMD deliveries 

Non definitive design on pictures - VR controllers not included 

Cups/Mounts material/Color

The brand new VR Headset generation is coming!
For those interested in upgrading their existing accessories, you are welcome. 
The classic cups can be used with our cups-steady products : 

  • ProSabre
  • ProStarter
  • Classic ProTube Rifle


This is a pre-order. We will deliver your order within 8 weeks after the Oculus Quest 2 international release.

ProTube Classic Rifle ProSaber


If you want to Oculus Quest 2 MagCups

Preorder MagCups for the Oculus Quest 2


What is included

2 x classic cups, with the color of your choice

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