Preorder MagCups for HP Reverb G2


Be on top of the list to upgrade your ProTubeVR gunstock or joystick to HP Reverb G2!

ETA - 4 weeks after the start of HMD deliveries 

Non definitive design on picture - VR controllers not included 

Cups material
Magnetic support - No need if you already own MagCups

The brand new VR Headset generation is coming!
For those interested in upgrading their existing accessories, you are welcome. 
As usual, our MagCups are compatibles between all our magnetic products : 

  • MagTube Rifle 
  • ForceTube Rifle (Haptic Feedback for the MagTube Rifle)
  • ProTas Joystick


You can either : 

  1. Just take the brand new cups for the HP Reverb 2
  2. Upgrade your Classic Rifle to a MagTube Rifle with a kit and the new MagCups 


This is a pre-order. We will deliver your order within 4 weeks after the HP Reverb 2 official international release.

 MagTube Rifle Reload actionForceTube MagCups 


And for those who take the upgrade...

Magnet on MagCups

What is included

CHOICE 1: MagCups alone
2 x MagCups, with the color of your choice

CHOICE 2: Upgrade
2 x MagCups, with the color of your choice
1 x Kit to adapt 

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