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MagTubeVR's "red" Limited Edition


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You've been dreaming of them. Here they come at last: the special editions of the MagTubeVR rifle are here!

This product will self-destruct once our stocks are depleted, first arrived, first served!

VR System


You dreamt about it, here they are, the limited special editions of the ProTubeVR rifle are here!

For the first time, you have the possibility to get colored carbon tubes and exclusive cup's colors


About the components of the rifle:

  • Tubes are in carbon and colored limited edition
  • The cups and the stock are limited edition

What is included

  • The assembly of the product
  • The magnetic cups "MagTubeVR"
  • A black 2 points sling

The MagTube is a removable magnetic attachment to your Protube. It replaces the Protube's basic fasteners and allows you to detach and reattach your controllers in a simple, instinctive and quick way.

The Magtube facilitates player movements such as reloading, throwing grenades, handling secondary weapons etc... By making your interactions with the virtual world freer, natural, and comfortable, it helps you immerse yourself in an immersive experience. It also improves your efficiency and responsiveness in game. Particularly suitable for SPF, the MagTube device is popular with most Protube users.

    • Optional Tactical bipod (+25€)

    The telescopic bipod provides the support that allows you to aim without shaking an inch. It is the ideal accessory to perfect your experience and performance in your favorite SPF. It is particularly appreciated by sniper users, who must ensure their shots at long distances. 

    This product will self-destruct once our stocks are depleted, first arrived, first served!


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    Data sheet

    Weight with MagTubeVR
    Grip height
    Bipod Size
    24,5 to 29cm
    Bipod weight

    Specific References