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ForceTube - Carbon Full option

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VR System
Left or Right
ProStraps - only for Rift S / Quest 1 / Quest 2




Feel the battlefield with the ForceTube haptic rifle.

Each of your shots has an impact. Feel it with the recoil.

ForceTubeVR Rumble and Kick

A MagTube rifle completed by a ForceTube haptic back-end, connected to your game.

Each shot generates a double effect: the rumble and the kick of the firearm on your shoulder.

The effect changes depending on the weapon you are using.

Become closer from your avatar.

Batteries life: 4h

Requires Bluetooth connection.

With the ForceTube rifle, we provide a bluetooth dongle, no need to order one.

Rechargeable with a USB-C cable.

The module is backward compatible with Steam VR and comes with its companion-app for others.


Simulate a modern conflict and dive into the heart of the gunfight.

Rise over the competition and claim your Champion title.

Short list of usable games

Pavlov     Onward     Contractors     Zero Caliber

Stand Out    AMF   
War Dust     Fast Action Hero


What is included

ForceTube Rifle ready to use


If you chose the DIY Kit :

3 x Tubes
1 x ForceTube Haptic Back-end
1 x USB Bluetooth Dongle
1 x USB-C Cable
2 x MagCups Magnetic Mounts
1 x 2 points Sling
1 x Bipod (option)

Controllers are not included.

    If you take Valve Index MagCups, look at this instruction video.


How does it work?


We provide a Companion App that will allow you to connect the ForceTube module to your computer and to fine-tune it.


Some games do not natively integrate the use of the ForceTube module.

But you can still play with the ForceTube module if these games are launched by SteamVR because our Companion App will link SteamVR to the module.


You will find our Companion App here.

     We improve it regularly and more and more games are natively compatibles with the ForceTube.


Data sheet

Headset / Controllers - Oculus Quest 2
Headset / Controllers - Oculus Quest 1 / Rift S
Headset / Controllers - Oculus Rift CV1
Headset / Controllers - Valve Index Knuckles
Headset / Controllers - Odyssey / Odyssey +
Headset / Controllers - PSVR
Headset / Controllers - HTC Vive / Vive Pro
Headset / Controllers - HP Reverb G2

Specific References


ForceTube Documentation

How to install & configure your ForceTube for your games.

Download (1.56M)

MagTube & ForceTube setup

Build your own DIY Gunstock, MagTube or ForceTube

Download (632.46k)

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