Sling 2 points Desert for gunstock

Sling 2 points Desert for gunstock

Gunstock slings increase safety, comfort and score.

Sling enhances stability, reduces fatigue, provides hands-free carrying, ensures safety, and offers versatility for improved shooting experiences.

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Gunstock slings increase safety, comfort and score.

Our MagTube and ForceTube gunstocks have a sling ring on the armature, and the ForceTube Haptic module has a flexible ring. Use the sling's hook(s) on it. 

What will you achieve with 1 point sling?

  • Quick Access: Faster target acquisition with easy ready position.
  • Greater Maneuverability: Quick transitions between shoulders and front carry in tight spaces.
  • Increased Stability: It enhances aiming accuracy and stability, especially during extended use.
  • Reduced Fatigue: Distributes firearm weight evenly, reducing discomfort during prolonged use.
  • Hands-Free Carrying: Allows hands-free movement for secondary tasks with detached magnetic cups.
  • Lightweight & Low-Profile: Comfortable wear with minimal snagging on gear or obstacles.

What will you achieve with 2 points sling?

  • Everything like a 1 point sling, but better: You could even say you're doubling the benefits with... two point attachments instead of one. Did I hear someone shout "Thank you Captain Obvious!"?
  • Improved Stability: Distributes weight across two points, reducing sway and improving aim.
  • Better Balance: Reduces fatigue and provides balance, especially with heavy firearms like the ForceTube.
  • Versatility: Adjusts for various shooting positions and can steady the firearm for better accuracy.

What's in the box?

  • 1 x Desert Sling with 2 attachment points
Product name
First Person Shooter (FPS)
Best for
Short to long range firefight
Product group
ForceTube gunstock
MagTube gunstock
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