MagTube - Carbon Full option

VR System
Left or Right
ProStraps - only for Rift S / Quest 1 / Quest 2


Improve your aim and dominate the battlefield. 

Raise your immersion level with the MagTube Rifle.


Coming with MagCups, disconnect and reconnect your controllers to your rifle in a simple, instinctive, and quick way.

Reloading ? Throwing grenade ? Handling secondary weapons ?

It's natural, quick and easy.

By making your interactions with the virtual world easier, and more natural, it helps you immerse yourself in the game.

It also improves your freedom, efficiency, and responsiveness.

MagCups demonstration

Where could you use it ? Here is a short list.

Pavlov     Onward     Contractors     Zero Caliber

Stand Out    AMF   
War Dust     Fast Action Hero

What is included

1 x ready-to-use MagTube Rifle (carbon tubes/back-end/mounts)
1 x 2 points Black Sling
1 x Bipod (option)

Controllers are not included

If you take Valve Index MagCups, look at this instruction video.


Specific References


Bipod Instructions

Tactical bipod setup tutorial

Download (179.33k)

Magnets tips

MagTube Rifle - Safety tips for neodymium magnets

Download (633.06k)

MagTube & ForceTube setup

Build your own DIY Gunstock, MagTube or ForceTube

Download (614.63k)

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