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ForcetubeVR Gen2 Force feedback module (internal charge, batteries, removable butt foam) Shipment Start : December 2019
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ForceTubeVR (module only - preorder)


€299.00 Tax excl.

Reach a new level of immersion thanks to this VR FPS accessory.

A haptic force feedback module simulating impact kicks and rumble effects.

Controllers are not included.



By purchasing this one you will only get the module to upgrade the classic ProTubeVR rifle or the MagTubeVR rifle you already own.

The ForceTubeVR system consists of a haptic module that recreates the feeling of recoil of the weapons during firing instead of the conventional stock. A mobile motorized pad, directly in contact with the player's shoulder, is wirelessly connected to your computer or game console: the transmission of impacts and the vibration of the weapon are ensured in real time.


  • Impact simulation: the moving pad directly interact with the user's shoulder with a variable amount of force (up to 60 newtons)
  • Rumble: ForceTubeVR can play rumble effects at different intensities (low and high frequency)
  • Battery lifetime: Last over 4 hours on intensive arcade use.
  • Auto-reconnect feature: ForceTubeVR is eyes-free operation friendly. The device can be switch ON/OFF during gameplay and reconnects by itself. So the gamer does not need to restart or do anything, even take off his HMD
  • Backward compatibility on any openVR app: Companion app is able to sniff actual rumble signal and transfer them to the ForceTubeVR with a wide range of possible settings. 
  • Full plug&play: Once paired with windows, it is not mandatory to use any third party software on natively compatible apps. The game is directly talking to the ForceTubeVR.
  • Android companion app: For preflight checks or showcase to your friends without the need of a VR setup or computer. 


Short list of usable games





How does it work?

Requires Bluetooth connection. With the ForceTube rifle, we provide a bluetooth dongle, no need to order one.

We provide a Companion App which will allow you to connect the ForceTubeVR module to your computer and to fine tune it.


Somes games do not natively integrate the use of the ForceTubeVR module.

But you can still play with the ForceTubeVR module if these games are launched by SteamVR because our Companion App will link SteamVR to the module.


You will find our Companion App here.

     We improve it regularly and more and more games are natively compatibles with the ForceTubeVR



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