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ProStraps Grips for Meta Oculus Quest 2_2
ProStraps Grips for Meta Oculus Quest 2_3

ProStraps Grips CS


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  • Controller upgrade - A pair of "Knuckles-like" hand straps for your controllers, similar to the professional camera ones. Compatible with ProTubeVR's product range (MagTube, ForceTube, ProTas, ProVolver) with inter-compatible MagCups.
  • Comfort and security - Fully adjustable to fit different-sized hands, free your hands with these straps. No more fear sending your controllers flying away.
  • Enhance your sessions - Play longer with intensity and way more natural interactions to enjoy VR potential.
Controller brand
  • HP Reverb G2
  • Quest 1 RiftS
  • Quest 2

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