ProTubeVR is a young start-up officially born in January 2018 developing, producing and distributing VR peripherals all over the world. Our goal is simple, improving your immersion feeling. 

The team is composed by 6 VR enthusiast members. Our passion began with the Oculus DK2 release and the day we discovered the VR FPS. We were like real kids, especially for "competitive" or "realistic" ones as Onward, H3VR, Battle Dome or Art of fight. But in fact, we weren’t 100% conquered and thought that was possible to increase the immersion feeling of this new gaming way. 

One day, we realized that we definitely missed something each time we would like to pick up a rifle.. That’s how everything began and start growing in our minds. From this moment we started thinking, developing, designing and working on a new project day and nights, firstly in our bedrooms to imagine the beginnings of your actual ProTubeVR.


ProTubeVR Design Objectives :


- Improvement of the immersion feeling

- Ease of use

- Adaptability to every game and weapon

- Security for the controllers and easy removal

- Optimal tracking

- No interference between aiming and HMD

- Blind setting