The worldwide reference
for VR gunstock

  • Adapt to all rifles and playstyle
  • Increased immersion
  • Esport ready
  • Dominate the league

Starts at 119€, tax excluded


VR haptic pistol
for incomparable immersion

  • Feel like holding a real gun
  • Unique effect depending on your weapon
  • Evolutive as a two handed firearm
  • Plug and play with easy Bluetooth pairing

Starts at 299€, tax excluded


VR haptic gunstock
for incomparable immersion

  • Unique effect depending on your weapon
  • Feel like holding a real firearm 
  • The best shooting experience at home
  • Plug and play with easy Bluetooth pairing

Starts at 339€, tax excluded


Adjustable straps
to play longer

  • Knuckles-like straps with super comfy pad
  • Focus on your game by playing hand-free
  • Velcro strap to fit all hands
  • Make your VR interactions more natural 

20€, tax excluded


VR short gunstock
for maximum maneuverability

  • Compact frame for fast action
  • Easy to handle
  • Esport ready
  • Performance focused

Starts at 34€, tax excluded


Double edged sword
to develop technicity and style

  • Become a Sith and slice them all
  • Increase agility and precision
  • Enhance BeatSaber gameplay
  • Use it in melee combat games too

Starts at 35€, tax excluded


A joystick to pilot
with fluidity and precision

  • Smooth fly
  • Simple and immersive
  • For flight sim or mecha piloting
  • Detachable cup to interact with environment

Starts at 39€, tax excluded


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