ProSabreVR's "green" Limited Edition


€49.99 Tax excl.

You've been dreaming of them. Here they come at last: the special editions of the ProSaberVR are here!

This product will self-destruct once our stocks are depleted, first arrived, first served!

A new way to experiment Beat Saber.

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Controllers are not included.

VR System


The Maul style setup takes a very different approach, requires a more physical effort and is way more challenging for gamers.

Using a dual-bladed saber definitely feels more skill/technique-oriented that dual-wielding two sabers.

Go to Darth Mauling it up!


  • VR system:

Choose the virtual reality system with which you will use your ProSaberVR. The configurator will show you cups in different colors specially designed for your controllers.

Controllers are not included.


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