Transform Beat Saber into Dual-Bladed - by VR Fitness insider

Published : 2019/04/03 - Categories : Article , Everything , Saber

Who amongst us hasn’t tried to recreate that iconic fight scene from The Phantom Menace in our childhood basements? Okay, so maybe it’s just me and Star Wars Kid, however now you can get your chance too with this super cool Darth Maul Beat Saber mod.


First, you’ll want to order one of these fantastic ProSaberVR kits from ProTubeVR. They are available for all major VR platforms, including HTC ViveOculusWindowsMR, and PSVR. It’s really just as simple as slotting your controllers into the molds and tying the wrist strap tethers to the ProTube.

Image Courtesy of ProTubeVR

This is the most expensive solution, but also ergonomic and secure, considering that there is a good likelihood that improperly secured controllers could go hurling.

Want to go a more DIY approach? There are several 3D models on Thingiverse for 3D printing your own controller molds that can be attached to PVC. Be sure not to forget to securely tie down the wrist tethers.


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