ProTubeVR supplies hospitals against COVID-19

Published : 2020/04/01 - Categories : Article , Everything , In game , ProTas , Review , Rifle , Saber , Tutorial , Video

A week ago we made available our farm of 3D printers for health services in this delicate period for our country.

Thanks to your many shares on social networks, we have been contacted by APHM (Assistance Publique des Hôpitaux de Marseille) to provide St Joseph Hospital, located in the 8th arrondissement in Marseille.

Their need is focused on the production of visors without the plastic sheet (see photo below). The first delivery left yesterday, consisting of 150 visors.

We continue to produce visors (1 hour per piece) while we await the hospital's feedback on our prototype fittings for Decathlon mask (sterilization test). It takes 3h to produce a mask fitting.

We also have respirator fittings (1 hour production per piece) that must also be tested.

Meanwhile, we continue to take your orders for our usual products. During this period, some domestic postal offices doesn't ship foreign parcels. So, we must use DHL for these countries. More info in the following link.

You are an hospital service and need equipment: contact us at [email protected]

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