The Provolver is fully compatible with Half-Life Alyx and Pistol Whip. 

Each of your shots has an impact. Live it with the recoil.

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The Provolver is a dedicated VR arcade room product. It includes the ForceTubeVR haptic force feedback module located on the breech.

Each shot generates a double effect: the rumble and the kick of the firearm which will be reflected on the hand and in the arm of the player.

The effects and the intensity of the ProVolver are adjustable for a guaranteed comfort of play.

Batteries life: 8h

It requires Bluetooth connection. With the ForceTube rifle, we provide a Bluetooth dongle, no need to order one.

Rechargeable with USB C – 5V @Amp, possible while using

The module is backward compatible with Steam VR and comes with its companion-app for others.


Simulate a modern conflict and dive into the heart of the gunfight.

Rise over the competition and claim your Champion title.


How does it work?


We provide a Companion App which will allow you to connect the Provolver to your computer and to fine-tune it.


Some games do not natively integrate the use of the ForceTubeVR module.

But you can still play with the ForceTubeVR module if these games are launched by SteamVR because our Companion App will link SteamVR to the module.


You will find our Companion App here.

     We improve it regularly and more and more games are natively compatibles with the ForceTubeVR




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