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Carbon ProTubeVR Rifle - Full option


€150.00 Tax excl.

No more shaky scopes. The ProTubeVR secures your kills! 

Simple and efficient. The ProTubeVR is designed to kick ass in VR. The ProTubeVR is the most versatile VR rifle available on the market.

  • Simple to use
  • Adapts to every games and weapons
  • Allows you to securely mount the controllers
  • Allows you to remove them FAST and easy
  • Improves immersion
  • Does not interfere with controller tracking
  • Does not get in the way of your VR Headset
  • Easy enough to use with your eyes closed. (Important for VR!)
VR System

Honor medal

Improve your stability and aiming with the ProTubeVR rifle.

Eliminate the enemies with this VR FPS accessory.

This ProTubeVR rifle is "full carbon" and it's at a better price than the classic one.


The ProTubeVR improve your VR FPS experience by simulating a rifle.

With its articulated armature, set it according to your weapons and preferences.

ProTubeVR deploiement

Whether on the shooting stand or in an armed conflict, the ProTubeVR will be the tactical tool that will improve your performance in VR Games.

Immerse yourself completely in your game, without worrying about positioning your controllers.


What is included

1 x Already mounted rifle


1 x Classic Carbon back-end

2x Classic Carbon cups

1x 2 points black sling

1x Bipod (by default, but optional)


Controllers are not included.


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