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ForceTube Scout Haptic...

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Reach a new level of immersion thanks to this VR FPS accessory.

A haptic force feedback module simulating impact kicks and rumble effects.

Price €249.00
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3 tubes kit

Upgrade your VR Rifle with this 3 tubes kit.

Price €40.00


The telescopic bipod allows you to aim without shaking.

It is the ideal accessory to perfect your experience and performance in your favorite FPS.

It is particularly appreciated by sniper users, who must ensure their shots at long distances. 

Regular price €34.99 -30% Price €24.49
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Adjustable straps for Oculus Quest Rift S / 1 / 2 & HP Reverb G2

Gain comfort and secure your equipment with these straps adapted to your Oculus Touch controllers. 

These adjustable straps secure your devices and allow you to add an extra feeling of freedom, for example when throwing a grenade or you can open your hand completely for better immersion. 

If you already own ProTubeVR magnetic cups, it is possible to assemble the ProStraps with the cups like on the animation on right.

Price €20.00

Cross-Starter -...

This upgrade allows you to add a stock to your starter, giving you a midway between the Starter's maneuverability and the MagTube's precision thanks to the stock.

Price €19.99

Classic Cups

Get the cups you need for your setup. Sold by pair. 

Controllers are not included.

Price €19.00

Bracket for MagTube

Spare part related to your "ProTube to MagTube upgrade" or your additional controller's position.

  • The front one is smooth and includes 2 wing screws
  • The rear one is notched and includes 1 wing screw 

Don't forget to specify which version you want to order.

If you want another positions for your front MagCup, we recommend a smooth front mount for more precision.

Price €14.99

Maintenance kit

Keep your ProTubeVR in perfect condition with this maintenance kit.

Included :

  • 1 oil flask
  • 2 notched washers
  • 1 rubber washer
  • 10 O'ring
Price €9.99

Cable ties

Zip ties to lock your Knuckles cups (sold by 32)

Price €9.99

Wrist strap x2

Wrist straps compatible with all ProtubeVR products.


Sold by 2.

Price €9.99

Sling for gunstock

This sling with two attachment points will offer more comfort and stability.

Price €8.00

Dongle USB 4.0

This USB 4.0 Dongle provides the connection between your ForceTubeVR and your computer.

(Already included when you purchase a ForceTube Rifle or a ForceTube module only)

Technical specifications :

  • Interface type: USB
  • Bluetooth connection
  • Integrated antenna
Price €7.99