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The telescopic bipod allows you to aim without shaking.

It is the ideal accessory to perfect your experience and performance in your favorite FPS.

It is particularly appreciated by sniper users, who must ensure their shots at long distances. 

Price €34.99

ProTubeVR back end

The stock is placed directly on the user's shoulder and stabilizes the aiming.

Price €14.99

Wrist strap x2

Wrist straps compatible with all ProtubeVR products.


Sold by 2.

Price €9.99

2 points sling

This sling with two attachment points will offer more comfort and stability.

Price €9.99

Maintenance kit

Keep your ProTubeVR in perfect condition with this maintenance kit.

Included :

  • 1 oil flask
  • 2 notched washers
  • 1 rubber washer
  • 10 O'ring
Price €9.99

3 chrome tubes kit

Chrome tubes are basic part of the ProTubeVR Rifle. They are a little heavier than the Carbon ones and are reflective.

Price €9.99

Cable ties

Zip ties to lock your Knuckles cups (sold by 32)

Price €9.99