Improve your aim with our Rifle simulator.


With a steady support, don't be annoyed / slowed by the need to align your controllers.


Also, no more (or at least less) tired arms with the gun stock against your shoulder.


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ProTubeVR Rifle

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magtube rifle

Price €60.00 Tax incl. - €60.00 Tax excl.




The Provolver is fully compatible with Half-Life Alyx and Pistol Whip. 

Each of your shots has an impact. Live it with the recoil.

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The telescopic bipod allows you to aim without shaking. It is the ideal accessory to perfect your experience and performance in your favorite FPS. It is particularly appreciated by sniper users, who must ensure their shots at long distances. 

Price €34.99 Tax incl. - €34.99 Tax excl.

MagStickVR/ProStickVR Config

The ProStickVR is probably the best way to discover ProTubeVR products and start discovering new sensations. Upgrade it with a magnetic cup (MagStickVR) to reach a better level of immersion.

Controllers are not included.

Price €34.90 Tax incl. - €34.90 Tax excl.

Bracket for MagTubeVR

Spare part related to your ProTubeVR to MagTubeVR upgrade or your additional controller's position.

-The front one is smooth and includes 2 wing screws

-The rear one is notched and includes 1 wing screw 

Don't forget to specify which version you want to order.

Price €14.99 Tax incl. - €14.99 Tax excl.

Valve Index V9 update

If you bought the previous version of the Valve Index cups, you are now able to get this V9 upgrade. 

Why this version?

Because we had some feedback regarding poor tracking quality.

So we optimized the design to reduce loss of tracking, and to prevent covering up the controller' sensors.

How do I know if I have the previous version?

If you have no information visible on the external parts, you actually got the first versions.

If you have a "V9" inscription on the cups you already own, you don't need this upgrade!

Price €9.99 Tax incl. - €9.99 Tax excl.

ForceTubeVR (module only -...

Reach a new level of immersion thanks to this VR FPS accessory.

A haptic force feedback module simulating impact kicks and rumble effects.

Controllers are not included.

Price €299.00 Tax incl. - €299.00 Tax excl.

Classic Cups

Get the cups you need for your setup. Sold by pair. 

Controllers are not included.

Price €19.00 Tax incl. - €19.00 Tax excl.

Dongle USB 4.0

(Included with the ForceTubeVR)

This USB 4.0 Dongle provides the connection between your ForceTubeVR and your computer.

Technical specifications :

  • Interface type: USB
  • Bluetooth connection
  • Integrated antenna


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Price €7.99 Tax incl. - €7.99 Tax excl.